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The FRENCHROOSTER is deeply motivated by a broad range of design challenges and dreams; ultimately resulting in a tailor – made, functional, and unique space for every client. The FRENCHROOSTER specializes in residential and commercial styling and staging. The FRENCHROOSTER has transformed interior spaces for customers across Northeast Ohio.



A Hartville Ohio resident, Stephanie founded her styling firm with the simple philosophy “simplifying adds a level of elegance”. Specializing in new & redesign, she’s known for sophisticated, traditional interiors with a touch of chic.

Drawing inspiration from the architecture, light and scale of each interior, Stephanie believes that a “project is only successful if the space represents the client.” She also strives to make a statement in every room, designing interiors that are both memorable and livable. The result? Beautiful, welcoming spaces that exude comfort and reflect the character of the people who live and work in them.

“For it is not the size of your home that matters, it is how well you take care of it.”

Grandmother Ruth (Nanny)

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