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my story

My story begins in a small southern town in West Virginia where I lived out my childhood years. Growing up in a two bedroom home with six children, my Mother and Stepfather had its challenges. Having that sense of “place & home” was always a longing.

Grandmother Ruth (Nanny) just living across the only two lane road in the small town always strived to create a loving space for her grandchildren. Her sense of faith, family, humbleness and everlasting beauty is the inspiration I thrive on each day! I beleve our interior reflects who we are on the inside. It tells our story. Thankful for her sense of place & home that she strived so very hard to give us that has inspired my love for creating spaces that now tell my client’s story….

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a service for every need

a design that’s you


eye catching appeal


from bland to beautiful


custom design

Whether you’re accessorizing or gut-renovating,
building, planning that perfect event, the FRENCHROOSTER will provide a custom and personal service that works.
We’ll guide you through the entire interior design process.

Approaching our design process with energy, creativity and foresight.
We invite you to explore the benefits of the french rooster.

Our Vision

When a potential buyer comes into your home, you want them to feel comfortable. It has been shown that buyers often purchase a home on what feels right to them, using that intuition over logic. The FRENCHROOSTER works hard to achieve that goal by creating a visual for each potential buyer, down to every last detail!

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