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I still remember the slamming of the old wooden screen door and her soft voice calling out, “Stephanie, is that you”? I ran to find her somewhere among the many rooms that she may have been in ready to receive her love and attention. She was my breath of fresh air, my go to when I needed a hug or just a smile. A lady of grace, and though she had little, she somehow always managed to present herself with style and poise. “What do you need me to do today?” I would ask, Hoping she would say we were doing our usual of making beds or she needed help with vacuuming the carpets. That was my way to get into the many bedrooms that were vacant just waiting for me to bring life to them.

The options were limitless as there were so many rooms that she could direct me to. “Let’s change the sheets upstairs in the peach room,” she said softly. Knowing that the sheets were not needing of a change, she knew this was by far my favorite room. Located on the second floor, nestled in the corner, was a was a spacious room with hard wood floors. In it held a large mahogany vanity set, not one, but two tall windows, and a queen bed to match the tall dresser.

Opening the door and standing back to create my vision as her and I both knew; the sheets were the last thing on my mind. The windows need opening to allow light and a soft breeze I thought to myself. Picking dandelions or whatever flower I could salvage from the backyard, selecting from the many vintage florin milk vases that were in the food cellar, and sitting them just perfect in the old cracking window seals. The soft white woven quilt adored with cream peacocks covered the bed that sat against the tall peach wall adjacent from the window views. And away I would go, decorating and redecorating, arranging and rearranging until my heart was content for the day. Taking a break for my usual peanut butter sandwich and tall glass of milk, I would sit and converse with the lady of grace whom I called Nanny. We would discuss the many possibilities of my vision for each old dark gloomy room in the saving grace house.

Here is where my love of making all things beautiful became the FRENCHROOSTER.

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  • kit litton

    she loved you so so much love you mom

  • Sherry Kell

    Beautifully written Stephanie! It was so nice meeting you at the Girl Set Free Gala! I instantly saw the talent you had was a true gift from God! Love this beautiful new web site! Praying the Lord blesses you in a mighty way, for you continue to bestow blessings on others!

  • judith schell

    I just wish you were in Florida! Wonderful website!!

    • Stephanie Byler

      HI ! We come to Florida to design for our clients!

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